Frances Vesma

Book With No Words - The Book

In some ways I think I have acknowledged and embraced my ignorance and used it to get a fresh approach with the use of materials. I have never wanted to read "teach yourself watercolour", which takes the joy out of it. Once the stretching of paper is achieved, more or less anything else might follow, a fairly traditional flower painting or an Eastern tomb finished with boot polish. I believe I have developed at least one original technique.

The idea of sticking to one style, technique or theme is alien to me. I think that people with my condition tend to work best when the emotions are heightened and adrenalin levels fuel the interest in the otherwise freewheeling brain, occupied with trying to comprehend the world.

I would like to boast that my work is always absolutely honest because I have complete integrity but in fact I have no choice but to be honest.

My work directly mirrors aspects of me - sometimes very simplistic and ridiculous other times sneakily anarchistic, emotionally bewildered, and respectfully spiritual.